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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Will this conversion require a 020? Due to the Atari ST having a slightly faster 68k and also the YM Chip conversion? or can that speed/audio hardware difference be overcome through other means?
Technically, this 'should' work fine on 68000 once i've finished. I might need to optimize the ingame ST to Amiga screen conversion routine, but thats only because my routine is doing the entire screen, but as you can see, the ST screen only changes the stuff in the centre and the small bits at the bottom, so processor time can be saved there for a start.

YM conversion i've been told can be quite painless for Amiga, simply redirecting the YM calls to the correct Amiga registers should get it up and running, and doing it on an interrupt, I can't envisage it getting too heavy.

Still got to do the conversion for controls, so once I have the controls done, then i'll worry about sound. Its not much of a tune, but it would be good to have it included, because I don't think i've got enough memory left for an Amiga module, so the ST music will have to suffice.
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