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I've restarted it three times already, the current party is the one I like best, I have not gone past the start of fifth level so far, it gets too creepy

I'm enjoying it very, very much, but I miss some things from Eye of the Beholder, and some narrative (not strictly a plot, but some larger-than-dungeon-crawl experience, some depth: think Elvira, Perihelion, Gold Box like).

All in all, it's an exceptional game, puzzle wise, the best game of the kind I've ever played probably.

The only real let down is game unrelated: when I played those game originally, there wasn't a internet available to run to when you were frustrated, so you had to actually replay the game differently to try new things: I couldn't help myself but to check a couple of secrets online

Current party:
- human female fighter specializing only in swords, with no armor, so to be comfortable when strolling in your regular dungeon;
- grim faced, cowl on eyes type, human male fighter with axe and probably heavy armor, with strength so average you wonder how could he even lift his axe, but so dexterous that he unerringly drops it on foe's feet or tentacles;
- clumsy but strong minotaur rogue specializing in missile weapons and in nothing else (he's very dedicated apparently);
- mantid mage (possibly a EoB I reject) with a knack for throwing snowballs at eletctical outlets.

They were rightly imprisoned for their obviously insane quirks but for a legal loopole too obscure to mention, they were risking to go scott free, so the king' counselor made up a story about mysterious depths and treasures and freedom awaiting them at the bottom of a legendary dungeon and preemptively paroled them throwing them down a disposable hole in a inaccessible location.

It's a modern environmental fable about the dangers of throwing (antisocial) pollutants and (axe wielding) thrash in a delicate and fragile ecosystem made of fungal societies, snails and skeletal warriors.

A shame, really.
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