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I'm about to take this home and have a go with it in Amithlon.

Does this support AHI per chance?

Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post

I ported BOOM over to our fav platform to play around with Graffiti support (IndivisionAGA Mrk2). I thought I may as well release it now while I'm waiting for the new IndivisionAGA.

BOOM is an enhanced DOOM port that supports:

1) Removal of engine limits and bugs. This includes the visplane limit, the tutti-frutti and medusa effects, the save game size limit, the venetian blind crash, and many others.
2) SEO's to the engine.
3) extra editing features. These include: Configurable animated and switch textures. Deep effects water. scrolling walls, floors, and ceilings (including support for conveyor belts). Translucent walls. friction effects, examined as mud and ice. custom color maps (which can provide, for example to underwater blue "tint"). silent teleporters, Which can be useful for fake "room over room" effects. linedef Generic types - A Particular linedef behavior can be "calculated" using a separate program called TRIGCALC.EXE linedef calculator. A DeHackEd extension standard, BEX.

And it allows you to run total conversions like this one

[ Show youtube player ]

Find it at your local AmiNet store from tomorrow
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