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Cool Would an emulator help me with this problem?

Considering that I'm not an expert in electronic hardware and how to build it, I'm wondering if maybe an emulator would solve my dilemma without resorting to opening up my PC and doing all sorts of weird connections and such.

First off, I still have an Amiga 2000. It's in fine shape, and I use it enough that I still have it set up. Here's the problem: I don't have a way for the Amiga to connect to the internet as we know it today (the fastest modem I have on hand for it is 1200, and most of the stores in my area that sell Amiga stuff have gone under).

Second: I own several games for the Amiga that for one reason or another have sufferred erasure or other sorts of damage that have rendered a few of the disks inoperable. What I was hoping for was a way to get these files for these particular disks and replace them, as (obviously) the companies that produced them are no longer supporting them or providing replacements.

Now, would there be a way I could use an Amiga emulator to get these files to my currently up-to-date PC and send them to the Amiga in some fashion and restore these files without the need of cable hookups or tearing apart hardware, or am I stuck?
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