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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Good job he put "best Amiga retro shooter" in the title then

Although why he has never opted for the crashingly obvious tactic of actually putting the game's name in the thread title I'll never know... particularly as my first thought was "Oh look, Banshee is available on Android"
Hi Graham

It is a bold Amiga title, but lets get down to some unforseen technical facts of the game and why it recieved a 109% in rating and why this is technically one of the brightest Amiga stars of the era.

1. More than 100 colors on screen during play (almost twice the amount of halfbrite and Amiga games had at that time max. 32 colors)
2. 2 player feature (One of the only Amiga games that had a 2 player feature)
3. Cool special FX.
4. Main objects running 60fps.

It was almost like way ahead of it's time... and the Amiga made it possible
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