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Sorry, I was internetless for a week or thereabouts until a few days ago
Anyway, where to start?
So far one vote for Blitz stuff. Anyone else have any software they'd like some tutorials for? I wont list what Ive got in detail, but stuff like Dpaint, AMOS, Blitz, Amiga E, Arexx, asm, HiSoft BASIC, amigados/scripting, C, ImageFX, Imagine3d, CanDo, etc., etc.
Basic rule of thumb, if its the sorts of thing that warrants the need for a tutorial (so long as it had some success) there'll be a tutorial or 2 (or more) somewhere amongst the magazines Ive acquired.


Sure, AmigaGuide would be better, but also a lot more work. It's enough work just scanning and turning into pdfs already. If someone else wants to make AmigaGuide versions though I'd use them myself 68k amiga os is pretty lacking in regards to using pdf files in reading, functionality, and in speed.
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