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Amiga Hits Radio is BACK....

AMIGA HITS RADIO IS ONLINE... This will be updated when AHR is online and offline..

Amiga Hits Radio (AHR for short)is back,You can hear it on CBM Borg Emulation,listen to all the classic tunes from mods,games and mixes..enjoy...

If you have any requests a game music you want to hear,mod or mix then post it here and I be happy to play it for you..

Install Quicktime for Windows( ) and then you will be able to listen in Google Chrome( ),Thats how I listen to it. (If you using Google Chrome and Quicktime then just use this url and it will play,Not working when station is offline look at the top of the post to found out if on or off) (I fined the sound is clear if you just click on this url via Chrome,it will be online 24/7 now)
Use this url for Winamp: (You can use winamp moblie just add this url to it and it will play.)Works with Window Media Player..

There is a chat room now on AHR,if you like to chat about AHR and other stuff about Amiga or C64.

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