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Today the ACA 1230/56 was put to test. First tried without ACATune: had installed ClassicWB 3.9 and it booted fast from a CF card with 3.1 ROMs - no probs . Then put Parasol Stars demorolling itself for 2 hours - all OK.

Then the scary part: copied latest ACATune 1.5e to C:, added commandline
"ACATune -maprom ** p -cache on -burst on" to S-S and reset...(fingers crossed!)....
Booted OK & fast! Played around in WB and then tried various WHDLoad-games for about 2 hours - ALL WORKING!

If I left one '*' from the maprom option then the A1200 wouldn't boot but show strange chaotic display with black/white stripes. So had to add the second '*'.

No graphics trash at all, no strange probs yet, and I hope it stays that way!
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