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Re: AB3D II difficult?

Originally posted by LaundroMat
Afaik, I finished the game... But that could very well be because it was one of the few games I actually bought at the time (I know, I know), and that I really wanted value for money.

If it's any consolation, the moment I started earning a bit of cash (holiday jobs and such), I started buying games. Not that I'm looking for an excuse, it's just how it was.
Compared to the first game it is. The increase in difficulty is just way too steep in that game. Level 1 isn't too bad. But Level 2, the difficulty curve hits 90 degees. Lol. It's unbelievably hard that level. About 10 of those Robots bearing down on you with very few places to run to. You just keep running into more trouble. It's just far too difficult for an early level.
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