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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
Resolution is default i have found on anything i have tested it on....I think its more a hardware issue you have rather than a software one....what gfx card and memory do you have ??
If its onboard GFX you may never get doom to run ?
I have tried Amiga Doom on my Laptop and that is a Acer Aspire 5552 (AMD Athlon II X2 P320,ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250,3 GB DDD3 Memory,320 GB HD) and it don't work on it too..??

Originally Posted by synchro View Post
To much to finish at the moment .....A lot of users are using them for dedicated machines and like the boot menu....They drop the desktop icon into the start menu on thier PC so it boots straight to that.....I can look at an option on the installer in the future maybe for a choice but it wont be anytime soon
Yes thats how I boot it(from startup folder on start menu) but I use my own menu,its the one I posted a few posts back,maybe once you have finish everything you make one without the boot menu,I understand it take a long time making all the pages(over 30 of them for each launcher)there is no rush anyway,we have all the time in the world..

Oh one more thing,I have a mp3 you could use if you like,it a mix of different Amiga game music that I made for Amiga Hits Radio..its below..A present for you for making the launchers..

Oh and another idea I had:
I put a button on the top right hand corner of my menu and it changes the music,I have 3 mp3s and when I click on the music button it plays the music but while its play I press the button in the top right hand corner and it skips to the next

Could you post a picture of the Amiga CD32 launchers Main Menu please..??

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