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Eek Wrong

Originally posted by manicx
Alien Breed 3d II and Quake are the only true FPS on the Amiga. The others are not real FPS games.
Just because Alien Breed 3D II and Quake are the only true 3D FPS on the Amiga doesn't mean the rest of them aren't proper FPS games. What defines a proper FPS game? Maybe a game where you can shoot things from a first person view. Doom is an FPS game but that's not proper 3D. You're probably referring to the title of the poll. Ok maybe I shouldn't have but "3D" in the title but let's not be pedantic eh.

As for Robocop 3. Personally I wouldn't class it as an Amiga FPS game. It's more like Virtua Cop or something like that.
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