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As a matter of fact, there is a SNES version of Robocop VS Terminator, although they differ on various points:

It has been a while since last I played it, but it appeared as more fully featured (introduction/background story, more levels). On the other hand, it was less gory than the MegaDrive version.
In the end the MD version is the one I preferred, but you still might want to give a try to the SNES version.

As for the MK, the first one on SNES was indeed censored but starting with II it was no longer the case:
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Although apparently the Japanese version of II still had some censoring :
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Speaking of arcade feeling, I recently discovered Gain Ground and notably the MegaDrive version (although ofc I also recommend the arcade version):

Very enjoyable if you like "algorithm action" games .
Don't expect a fast-paced shooter/shoot'em up or a gauntlet clone (some reviewers on Youtube do so) but rather a shooter game with a sort of puzzle apsect.
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