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You are true, don't need another size. I must have changed something, as the red one is looking the same as the blue now. Will see tomorrow. Now I'm tired... I've been trying in my A1200/ACA... apart of all the problems that I have from time to time and that have returned... bad blokid ... it had to be xxx and it says it's xxy ... (REEDIT: I've been reading and as long as I've tried SFS and PFS3, both with the same results, now I'm thinking it's just caused not by the ACA but by the HD (CF) ribbon cable, so I will try changing it.) I've had to reinstall another virgin Cf . Well... it doesn't look so good in 16 colors.

Spannernick yes, it's a real desktop A1200 (although I've put it too in Amikit in my homemade C64x PC, and I recommend you to install it, it's great). Just using an rtg and some things like AfA_OS... that also gives me problems, in this case trying to read a Cf using the Pcmcia... Edit: Oh, yes, the icons are from AmigaSys

Edit: Just to comment that this wallpaper is really nice, and it hasn't lost quality changing to blue. If you haven't read the comments of the autor here they are:
"My newest backdrop. Updated and now rendered natively in 1600x1200. All lower resolutions have been scaled down from this one. It's a new version with almost no raydiosity noise in it. I let it render for 28 hours more. Enjoy!"

Edit: I think it's nicer now:

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