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Downfall - new game released

(Yeah, it's been out for several days already and most of the people who are interested will already know but it still deserves an announcement here I think...)

On April 9th, 2012, the full version of Downfall was released into the wild.

Ever had one of those nightmares (or dreams, if you're that way inclined) that you're constantly falling? Well with Downfall, those dreams (nightmares?) become a reality. Sort of. It would have to be a very specific dream, in which you're a mouse and are trying to make sure you land on platforms that are constantly moving upwards FOREVER. Until you do something careless like die. By falling off the bottom to your doom, or being squished at the top.

Yes folks, that's all there is to it. In Downfall, eventually you will die, be it through incompetence or boredom. Your aim is to delay the inevitable for as long as possible by staying on the screen while the platforms scroll up the playfield. This means that should you be too slow, you'll disappear off the top of the screen and it's game over, but being too eager or otherwise making an embarrassing misjudgement means you will meet your end by dropping off the display.

The game can be downloaded from its dedicated website at

(System requirements: 1MB Chip RAM)

A dedicated AGA version is planned!

Remainder Software can be found on Facebook at so please come and Like us!

We're always looking for people to help us with future projects (programmers, artists and musicians), so do drop me a line if you're serious about helping us create new Amiga games.

Have fun!
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