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Afters som trying and errors i decide to install from scratch on real amiga....
I mannage to see system folder from HDD in Amiga after i boot with workbench floppy
but typicaly didnt have install disk ( on 2 sets)
So i move adf install file in WinUAE to HDD than with ADFBlizter than manage to install
WB 3.1 after i copy 3.9 OS iso on separate partition and with manage to start with Thomas
files (first i try VirtualCD but Thomas metod was easer)
Than i install BB1 And BB2 AND ups same trouble again...
Hang on BOOT same software failure

adding SET PATCH SKIPROMMODULES"scsi.device" QUIOT fix problem i get workin os.39 with BB2 but dont know what actualy i turn off... and yes have some trobules to install PIcasso IV but stil working on that.
Maybe this help some1 .
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