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@Big-byte. No I haven't, but sadly you're entirely right-kiddies not knowing about amigas,urgh you're ,making me feel old!

Seriously though, it makes me angry though, when certain publishers clamp down on emulation/retro-gaming, yet feel justified in double-dipping & charging for exactly the same old game, with examples like this.
If somone converted,I dunno Uridium 2 for example, do you think Andy Braybrook would get extra royalty cheques-I'd doubt it!

Besides, my old joystick made a more satisfying crash when I hurled it in anger on the Amiga-I'd doubt the GB advance & its directional pad controls would survive my playing temper!
Been debating about getting a Sidewinder USB joystick for WinUAE but still don't feel that playing with an analog stick will ever compare with the old digital joystick controls.
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