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Microcosm seems to be a good cadidate for quality comparison between cd32 and Sega cd. Whatever codec/compression sega used its clearly of lower quality then cd32 version. However the cd32 version does seem to use much smaller footage even though its overall clearer. I do recall a button combo to get the cd32 intro full screnn, but it didnt look too good.

CD32 was suposably the most popular cd console before playstation/saturn so I do wonder what stopped em using cd32 for its fmv capabilities for those kind of games. Not saying they were good games, but the cd32 seemed to be ignored as sega pc and 3d0 were getting the fmv games and nobody had a 3d0. Even when commodore went bust, cd32 was still outthere in more holmes then segacd and deffinatly 3d0.

Which brings me back to, would cdxl have been good enough for a fullscreen fmv game. Microcsom shows it could work, and have liked to see that Rebal Assault on cd32 and maybe even Psygnosis's Novastorm.
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