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Strange ?? Why is the v31 package not there ?

* 31.0
- simplified the over-complex quantization algorithm.
the new algorithm leads to similar results, with much
better performance
- semaphores are (finally!) correctly initialized to zero

- minor cleanup

source code distribution

> overview
this is the source code distribution of render.library, an
image processing kernel for the classic line of Amiga
computers. it is written in fairly optimized mc680x0
assembler code. due to non-portability of assembler code,
the render.library project is now feature-freezed, and the
source codes have been made available to the public.
feel free to improve the code, add features, and eliminate
bugs. i would like to integrate your contributions to the
project, but I strongly appeal you to not release API
modifications that breach downwards-compatibility under the
same name, since render.library is used by a couple of
concurrent software projects.

> license
render.library is released under the terms of a BSD-style
license. see COPYING for details. don't take it too serious,
there is no need to change texts in existing software.
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