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Thanks for the ideas! I might use the chain so thanks. I'll put it in and see how it looks

Originally Posted by DJCruicky View Post
Did you get the music bug sorted. If not, maybe instead of having Blitz2 play the music, instead use 'noiseplayer' in the background. I got the idea from watching one of s2325's early videos of your game. Maybe make a script that starts the music, installs the font, then runs the game. (don't ask me how )
Happily I appear to be well on the way to fixing this. I've put some code in to check what Kickstart the game is running on and if it's older than 2.0, it'll use Blitz's standard music commands (LoadModule/PlayModule) instead. This does work but I've failed to take into account the commands are rubbish so it's a bit of a pig to get the music on/off key working absolutely correctly but at least the game loads and plays as it should which is a big relief.

Maybe have the fruit float up at a different speed to the platforms. Change in red.
If \active=-1
If \collect=-1 OR \y<(scrolly-15) Then \active=0,0,0,0,0,0,0
\y+.2 ; float speed
Don't forget to change variable type from .w to a .q at the start of your program.
Thanks. I quite like how it is now though so I don't think I'll change it although I might try it to see what it's like. PS: surely it should be \y-.2 if it's moving upwards

That would have also had fixed your objects in platforms' bug - but you said you fixed that, you sod .

Cheers for the ideas though, you've been a great help to me during the development of this game, I'm sure I'd still be struggling with some of the bugs otherwise
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