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That is great .

I'll throw some ideas at you and see what will stick :-

Did you get the music bug sorted. If not, maybe instead of having Blitz2 play the music, instead use 'noiseplayer' in the background. I got the idea from watching one of s2325's early videos of your game. Maybe make a script that starts the music, installs the font, then runs the game. (don't ask me how )

[ Show youtube player ]

Happy you liked the border chain idea.
I made a 3x8 size chain shape, maybe you would like to try that instead? (attached below). Use commands Blit 100,1,paste: Blit 100,317,paste

Maybe have the fruit float up at a different speed to the platforms. Change in red.
If \active=-1
If \collect=-1 OR \y<(scrolly-15) Then \active=0,0,0,0,0,0,0
\y+.2 ; float speed
Don't forget to change variable type from .w to a .q at the start of your program.
That would have also had fixed your objects in platforms' bug - but you said you fixed that, you sod .

Like I said just throwing some ideas out, don't have to use them.

Happy Easter to all.

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