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Still no joy with joystick...

I need more help lads !!!!

I've tried everything this weekend lads, and I still can't get any control from my joypad. It works 100% with every windows / dos / emulator games. Why now WinUAE ?

Heres what I have - my PC isn't fantastic, but it runs everything I want perfectly. Its a 1g AMD Thunderbird processor - plenty of memory, a G-force gfx card, a soundblaster live card (through which my joystick is connected) and I am running windows millenium.

Whatever setup i use in WinUAE doesn't seem to work - It allows me to select my gravis gamepad - but none of the modes work - i've tried compatibility mode and configs 1-4 on the controller panel.

I've tried swapping controllers on the input panel several times as suggested by you guys, but nothing happens whatsoever.
I've checked the WinUAE log and it contains messages such as 'Joystick failed x0000 blah blah blah'

I know thats not very specific (I'm in the office at the moment - can't remember the exact wording of the error message)

So, what now ? I have to get some joystick to work - it's pointless having WinUAE otherwise. I tried playing Wizkid last night on the keyboard - which wasn't much fun I can tell you !
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