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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
Worms 1. Worms United is Worms 1 + the Worms Reinforcements add-on.
I don't think I ever played the original PC version of Worms 1, so I don't know if the features I mentioned came with the add-on or where there originally.
Might have been with the add-on, which I probably never experienced on PC. I don't remember them in the original, but admittedly it's going back a while. Worms DC probably wasn't worth buying back in the day if you'd already bought Worms, but it was the best all-in-one computer version of Worms IMHO (never played the console versions). Your mileage may vary obviously.

I was kinda getting at the same thing in my previous post, but I see you didn't fuck around and went straight to the guts of the matter! Be nice to see Andy Davidson and Team 17 live a little and branch away from the "safe" retro franchise games. Doubt it will happen anytime soon, though, if at all. Ah well......such is life!
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