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Was CDXL format Optimal for CD32

Just a passing thaught really. Was CDXL Optimal for the CD32 or could a better codec have been developed for fullscreen fmv sequencies. Could we of had games such as Rebal Assault or any number of fmv games that were doing the round in 94,95.

I've been Longplaying alot of SegaCD games recently, and you can see the progress from its earlier games, Small grainy window to the later games full screen video (around 288x230) with 10-15 fps playback which was just enough not too luck juddery.

Would it have been commodores job to continue refining there own codec or could devs have done this on there own if they wanted too. Given that they prefured to just stick floppy versions of gameson a cd with no extras I dont know if they would have bothered even though fmv footage existed from their sega/pc games.
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