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Re: Re: WinUAE Stuck in PAL; NTSC setting won't work

Originally posted by andreas
Now I can't hide a , sorry !!
I wonder if the Output menu isn't for AVI recording?

You have to select NTSC in the Chipset menu!
Whoops. I guess I missed that bit and didn't figure it would be there since NTSC/PAL is just a jumper change to set the default on ECS and easily changed in software on my real A3000.

Does anyone have any suggestions about displayiong PAL modes correctly without having to use something like 800x600. Do I need to hack my video drivers or something? I'm amazed at how UNconfigurable PCs are when it comes to video these days. On my GVP Impact board, I could adjust the output of the video card really easily from the Cybergraphics retarg software so all the modes would fit the monitor (back then the monitor I was using didn't have digital memory like they all do these days).

My PC monitor broke last year and I hooked that old multi-sync up to my PC for awhile. Because it wasn't plug'n'play and I didn't have a settings driver for it, it would only default to basic 60Hz driver without trying to match one up or hack my own and changing resolutions meant things wouldn't be centered right. I'm guessing there are probably some tools out there to address things like that, but it's a shame good 'ole Bill Gates thinks were all idiots and don't need any real tools in Windows.

OpenGL seems to be the solution for everything screen related these days (sorry, but bilinear filtering just doesn't look the same plus I get choppy sound for some reason with it turned on here). Dos Mame could use custom video modes, for instance, but it wasn't much fun to setup by hand and you had to know what you were doing. Cybergraphics made things really simple on the Amiga for customizing the video output.
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