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Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
Heehee, so wait, the joke was that it wasn't a joke? well played sir, well played!

Do I understand correctly that this is sorta like RTG in that the cpu will be drawing a chunky screen, but not like RTG in that it must draw it in chip RAM?
The IndivisionECS already had a chunky mode (see the old DOOM thread for more details). Basically someone has written a Picasso96 driver for it's chunky mode so that it can act as a 'real' RTG graphics card which is very cool.

The limitations are the amount of video memory that can be addressed (don't know how much?) and the speed of the bus to the IndivisionECS (which is slow).

Anyway, this should give all ECS owners the ability to run a nice 256 color (maybe more?) WB without running out of CHIPRAM.

Yes a video review would be great Mfilos my friend.

Hey I've just had an idea, see if you can get my DOOM port running in RTG mode, it might work.

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