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I tested this on my A500 KS2 1M chip and here is what I discovered. The Degrader program was ineffective because something knocks my Amiga back to NTSC mode. To see how bad it looks, check the NTSC box on WinUAE and run Downfall. Fortunately, with the line below added it works great on A500. A side benefit is now the need run the Degrader is gone altogether. Music speed was fine either way. The music really steps on the SFX too much for me. I think the volume could stand to be lessened a notch.

LoadBitMap 5,"Gfx/remainder.pic"    ; load in Remainder Software logo
LoadPalette 0,"Gfx/remainder.pal"   ; load in matching palette
InitPalette 1,32                    ; all-black palette for fading
VWait 50
BLITZ:BlitzKeys On
Poke.w $dff1dc,$20                  ; suggested change
CreateDisplay 2
DisplayBitMap 2,5:DisplayPalette 2,1
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