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Thanks for the clarification Jens!

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
It does not double for all screen modes. Only old flickerfixers do that...
Indeed, yes - I think "scandoubler" is probably an insulting name for something as advanced and flexible as the Indivision. Of course, I didn't bother explaining the part about the framebuffer, because you are much better at explaining that

Perhaps "scan converter" would be more appropriate for this function - I'm just too used to the old fashioned term.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Also, you're mixing terms "scandoubler" and "flickerfixer" like many people do
When I said "scandoubler/flickerfixer" I meant that the Indivision does both, not one-or-the-other, or implying that both terms mean the same thing - as you say, many people confuse these terms. I just didn't explain the flickerfixer part. But it is an important difference, thanks for catching that.

I used to own a device years ago, I think it was a ScanMagic, that did not include a flickerfixer, so PAL:Hi-Res Laced would still hurt my eyes It is great to be able use this screenmode on my Indi ECS nicely deinterlaced.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Using the term "scandoubler" for something that's even more sophisticated than the flickerfixers of the Amiga haydays is a little off track. Indivision uses a full framebuffer at even higher speeds and full colour depth, so it does *more* than a flickerfixer back in the days, and it does *way*more* than a scandoubler.
Agreed completely, >I< understand and appreciate the device's capabilities and what it is versus what it is not - the problem is finding a way to explain what the Indivision offers to customers without leading people into thinking it's a full RTG solution (although it very nearly unofficially is, looking at another thread!), a pixel-upscaler, or an nVIDIA GeForce.

I just saw "1080p" mentioned in this thread a few times and started to worry for you.

It goes without saying that the Indivision ECS/AGA are the most advanced solution to the problem, and the best shot anyone will probably ever have at getting modern screens working perfectly with their Amigas.


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