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Hopefully this will help Jens with the numerous questions people are asking.

The Indivision as a product is primarily a scandoubler/flickerfixer, a device that takes the 15KHz TV-style horizontal scan rate of the Amiga and doubles it so that it works with PC monitors.

So the primary goal is to get your ancient Amiga connected to a modern, standard PC monitor, so you are not stuck with dying Amiga-specific monitors and televisions.

For VGA CRTs that can usually handle 50Hz vertical sync (i.e. untouched, remember so far we've only doubled the horizontal rate), this is enough, and indeed this is how most of the classic scandoublers from the 1990s worked. However, many TFTs have a narrower scanrate range and can only handle 60Hz vertical minimum, so the Indivision has a secondary goal of increasing the vertical refreshrate too.

This comes at the price of the viewer perceiving "tearing" on parts of the screen that are moving, as the input scanrate does not match the output scanrate. People who spend all their time on the Workbench won't be bothered by this at all, but those who play games may not like the tearing. So the (current) Indivision lets you choose 1.00x vertical refresh rate multiplier (i.e. unscaled) for those with 50Hz-capable monitors that desire tear-free gaming, or a 1.25x multiplier for pickier monitors or for those that want less flicker on a CRT. This doesn't effect the speed of the Amiga per se, it simply modifies how quickly the Indivision outputs what it has sampled from the Amiga's native output.

It's not a magical replacement for a graphics card, although with the previous Indivisions, some monitor-driver hacks and special firmware features have allowed it to do certain things *like* a graphics card, within the limits of the Amiga's chipset, and with the support of special firmware functionality which may/may not be implemented in this new revision - although Jens is implying that the new hardware *could potentially* allow further enhancements without any promises.

At the end of the day, anything beyond being a scandoubler (i.e. crazy higher resolutions etc.) should just be considered bonus gravy/gimmicks, as it is beyond the official scope of the product and hasn't even been implemented in this new-generation Indivision yet. As Jens has said, all that is promised on release day is that you will be able to see PAL and NTSC screens, with their vertical refresh rates (native 50Hz/60Hz) bumped to 62.5Hz and 75Hz respectively. It may be some time before we even get the option to revert to the native 50Hz/60Hz vertical refresh rates - Jens will surely announce these updates when he has finished them. For now, he is probably focussed on getting the hardware ready, with the software to come later.

Anyone who expects to play Superfrog "upscaled" to "1080p" needs to do a reality-check and re-read the entire thread. This is not what the Indivision is designed to do. For clarification what resolutions your PC monitor receives, read this post:

In other words - eg. Pal:Hires input taken from Amiga optionally padded out with black pixels to a more standard PC-style resolution like 800x600 (padding may be configurable with firmware/config tool updates), and outputted to the monitor with a bump to the vertical refresh rate, again may be configurable with future updates. No "scaling" to the pixels takes place - the Amiga input is "painted" onto a larger canvas and may have black borders depending on input res. and output res. You can then tweak-out any borders with your monitor's controls.

We should allow Jens to make announcements instead of wildly speculating about unrealistic super-HD fantasies. I am just happy to be able to use a modern screen to see my Amiga's classic screenmodes. Anything else, like special enhanced resolutions, is like I say, gravy, and I'm sure Jens will let us know if he decides to implement them.

Hope this helps explain a few things, and please feel free to correct me where I'm wrong.
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