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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
it upscales them to work on pc monitors/lcd's/leds that normaly take about 60hz on the vga port.

is there any chance jens can post a list of of modes and what there upscaled to?
Upscale of the resolution? That makes sense, but running a 50hz Amiga game at 60hz would produce tearing? Or is the Amiga restricted to PAL 60hz, and if so what are the consequences of that? I'm trying to decide if I can stay with my trusty 8833 or move onto the Indivision. A bigger workbench is tempting but not if games either don't work or do work but with tearing or other artifacts. I'm not quite there with my understanding of the product to determine if it's worth a purchase. I imagine these are "trivial" questions but they are important ones for me.
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