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I'm very disappointed with the way NWN looks. Polygon count of objects, especially environments are low for today's standards. I use 1024x768 on a 19" monitor but it's not what I mean. Compare it to morrowind and you'll see (though morrowind's models could be better too). view angle doesn't let you play _into_ the game an you rather _look at_ the game world. It was ok with baldur's gate since it was a 2d game with a fixed camera but nwn is actually 3d and I feel I HAVE to be able to change the camera angle a little bit more. This is possible with a hack but a hack is a hack and you get a black sky this way, there is a sky hack but doesn't work with my setup of the game, in short this is bad game design. I had the same feeling about the camera playing phantom menace. A way to hack the camera angle with that game is announced too, this proves there is a problem locking the camera at that specific angle. Overhead looks outdated, I feel like playing gauntlet this way
The problem about the interface is, it is meant to interfere w,th the gameplay as little as possible thus is transparent but windows aren't resizable or draggable and it feels like they pop at some random location and remain that way until you close them.

That pause function is cool but many games have it since the release og BG. I see your point about the connection between cadaver and NWN but Im trying to say NWN is not as good to become an "ideal" engine.Cadaver is better than NWN in it's own day's standards.
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