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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Good luck with that!

PS. Great lyrics on "Storm-tossed"!
Much appreciated.

PS: Yeah! Thanks twice, my friend.

Originally Posted by lesta_smsc View Post
Just had a listen to this! Are these created on the Amiga or on PC - just wondering about the significance. Sounds great nonetheless Who is the vocals by!?
Thanks, I´m glad you like it.

We are using PCs and Amigas.
The Amiga is mainly used for drum sequencing / programming and synth manipulation / editing.

The PC is used for mixing, sampling and VST stuff of course.

The JP8000 synth on "Listening" was sampled via Maestro Pro on an Amiga 4000, though.

Steffi Mastalerz is responsible for our unique vocal sound.

The male voice (1:52) on "Storm-tossed" is me.
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