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B&W is a fine game, but Civ III has iso-view like Populous so should be easy to implement

NwN - looks nice - running down corridors the torches flicker as you pass them - if that's below average, what do you want? (OK I've got every gfx setting on full & 1280x1024 on 17" mon)

Runs smoothly, no "view point problems" that I've seen, though most are due to people not changing the view point/angle when needed - overhead, 3rd person over shoulder or free.

So it's not scaleable, and? Does this matter? There's no sky - no sky in cadaver either.

Stupid interface, hmmm, I found it to be as intuative as such a complex control system can be made, and that if you learn basic combat/spell moves it doesn't get in the way of the game play - unless you're trying somthing complicated in the middle of a battle, in which case use the pause, and take your time (which probably wouldn't work with multiplayer anyway).

Not tried it on a LAN so can't comment.

Cadaver is an iso-view real time RPG. NwN is a 3D real time RPG, which is how I'd like to see Cadaver
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