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Nice pic, Predseda .

I compiled a version for myself with chains down the left and right of the screen. Them invisible borders were driving me nuts .

Your welcome to try yourself, with the code below. I cheated a bit and just used the line command . (changes in red) .

Select part      ; part goes up by 1 every two frames to allow us to update both bitmaps
 Case 0
  If drawplat<9 ; just blit a blank row to the just below the bitmap
   For x=0 To 19 ; Do this 20 times to fill the row (x ASL 4 is a faster way of doing x*16)
    Block 0, x ASL 4,paste
   Line 1,paste+4,1,paste+7,3
   Line 319,paste+4,319,paste+7,3
  Else           ; If we've drawn 11 blank rows, it's time to put some blocks on the screen
   If db=0       ; Only do this on bitmap zero
    For x=0 To 19
     Read tile   ; each value in the data statments = shape number to blit
     Block tile,x ASL 4,paste ; all the way across the screen as usual
    Line 1,paste+4,1,paste+7,3
    Line 319,paste+4,319,paste+7,3
   Else          ; if we're on bitmap one...
    For x=0 To 19
     Block map(x),x ASL 4,paste
    Next x
    Line 1,paste+4,1,paste+7,3
    Line 319,paste+4,319,paste+7,3
    platcount=platcount+1  ; keeping track of how many rows of platforms we've blitted
 Case 1
  BlockScroll 0,paste,320,8,0,paste-#view ; Copies the same row to the row just above the display, so you can't see it
End Select

You may remember I had all sorts of problems with the music on 'Hydrozone'. Music not playing right on 68030 cpus. Missing notes etc.
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