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Using Windows 7 64 bit:

Incredible. You have to tell how have you fixed the problem I had with the quick finder. It works!!! I had tried all to make it work.

Now imperfections:
First it miss an installation progress bar like the first time I tried your demo, and now it takes 15 minutes to get installed, so I just see the progress looking the Hd activity led (well, it's just once you've got to make it, so it won't mind anymore).
And the second (there are just two, as it works great) is that I can't quit it. I use Key Extender to have F12 using F7, that works with WinUAE, but it doesn't work here. F10 also doesn't seem to work. Spannernick will tell if I am wrong. Now I don't find the demo you made, but I think it was working there.
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