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Trying to find render.library v30!

Maybe I am misunderstanding something here, but on this page:

it states:


- render.library v30

and I cant seem to find it!

From what I have been reading, these 2 librays need to have specific matched versions, is this correct?

All I am trying to do is run EaglePlayer with EMPYGui24 engine, currently getting this:

Count Process Name Action Target Name Options Res.
----- ------------ ------ ----------- ------- ----
1 Eagleplayer Load Engines/EMPYGui24 OK
2 ramlib Load LIBS:guigfx.library OK
3 ramlib Load LIBS:render.library OK
4 Eagleplayer Open ENV:guigfx/autoditherthresh Read Fail
5 Eagleplayer Open ENVARC:guigfx/autoditherthr Read Fail
6 Eagleplayer Open ENV:guigfx/usescalepixelarr Read Fail
7 Eagleplayer Open ENVARC:guigfx/usescalepixel Read Fail
8 Eagleplayer Open ENV:guigfx/usewpa8 Read Fail
9 Eagleplayer Open ENVARC:guigfx/usewpa8 Read Fail
10 Eagleplayer LockScreen Workbench OK

Think I may need some assistance
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