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An editor to clamp to 12-bit palette and adjust to 256 color semi-automatically is actually a good way for a game system to consolidate OCS/AGA differences for the artist. So the pictures will look good enough to not have to make separate versions and the artist draw twice as much. Might not be useful for much more than stills/flip screen games, though.

I keep forgetting the game name, but there's a full on 8-way shooter in HBR made in 1989 or something. Starts with A, something like Amarok or Anathon but it isn't. Slow framerate but very special graphics.

Apart from this, I can't think of a single one that uses HBR. It doesn't leave much time for blitting and CPUing. On AGA it's no problem, of course.

There was an article on the SWIV shadows, they did them like most - flickering or non-flickering 010101010... patterns. (1=black, 0=transparent.)
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