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Thanks for that clenched, I'll be sure to give that a look.

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Graham, do we need a special screen with instructions? There should be some explanation of power-up as well as ingame keys. I could also put it to the website.
I'm going to write an instruction file for this, so I don't feel the need to have a screen in the game also. People will have to RTFM

However something on the website to that effect would probably be good.

And one more suggestion: I like the new copper a lot, but I liked the old one as well. Could there be used various coppers for one and two players game respectivelly? It would add a bit of variety.
Sure, that wouldn't be a problem. I must admit I find the old blue one a bit boring and the new one a lot better. If I (or someone) can conjure up a new design that (a) looks nice and (b) doesn't interfere with the visibility of objects then I'll put it in for sure.

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Maybe negative, but Remainder sounds better than Remnant
I agree - cheers Fishy but I do prefer our current name - but thanks for the suggestion anyway

I also suggest one more change:

after the game is over in 2 players mode, it is not so obvious which one should enter his hiscore to the hiscore table. So I suggest the no. of player above the chart to be flashing, or maybe better to add the sprite image of the relevant player next to the table (shown in picture bellow as a red circle) when prompted. Could be also animated.
Maybe. I personally don't think there's much problem with that how it is but then again as I obviously know the game inside out and am 100% used to what it does I would say that. Adding the sprite might be impractical - from memory I don't think Blitz likes blitting shapes that have a different number of bitplanes to the bitmap and of course I'm not sure if the palettes wouldn't conflict either. Maybe I'll print the player number in a different colour to make it stand out?

And I would also like wilshy to add one more sound for collecting power-up. Now the sound is the same for everything collected, no matter if it is a power-up or just a fruit.
I don't know if there'll be time to do this before release. It would probably be better if there was an extra sound but at the same time I don't think it's really a priority. He's doing a couple of other sound effects for me now but I'll ask him if he can squeeze it in.

And I would suggest to remove '/2' powerdown from one player game.
I was going to do this but to be honest, although it's not much use in one-player mode, it still adds balance to the power-ups (all the others have a good/bad variant) and it can still be a bit of a nuisance if you run into it when you have no choice when there's a big long platform

Actually if I'm really being honest, the score powerups are a bit of a waste of time overall, although they're pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things. If I do get round to a sequel I'll probably get rid of them completely.

Thanks all! Priority number one this week is to get the thing working properly on all setups again, then to fix the objects in platforms bug, and then I'll look at the other cosmetic issues if there's time and if it's suitable (and writing the sodding manual). Apart from that, we're as good as done and what a great achievement it has been from everybody concerned.
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