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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
I managed after 5 hours to compress the amiga installer to 543 meg ( smaller than the demo ) so im uploading it now to some of my space.

Gimmie an hour or so and you can mail me for the link...

Some of the games running online...hmmm....i dont think thats needed really as the idea is to download it anyway and im sure something like the preview you have done would be brilliant for that......

I was going to ask...if i made some small menus specificly with 5 pages but without the borders its just the menu....could they be made into flash demos like you have done ?

They could then be placed on a website.....kind of like semi working pics
No I was on about just making it look like it was booting the c64 emulator on one of the games so it shows how the emulator would load but its not needed.

About the flash demo menu...I don't see why not,I don't mind doing it for you.
Just made sure its in the size you want and let me know what you want me to do in it animation wise..

When your ready can you send me the link to the new Amiga Game Launcher.(I might make a flash demo for that too) its ok to put it on my site yeh...??
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