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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
Aye! IMHO Worms: Director's Cut is the best version across formats for the first installment, probably because it was Team 17's swansong on the Amiga.
There are a few features from the PC version that I believe DC is missing. I had Worms on Amiga, then later Worms United on PC and only a few years ago I played DC (whdload version). So perhaps I have missed something but I tested a bit and never found them. Feel free to correct me, I'd be more happy to have a version that has all the features.

- Coloured team names. Well, you can have the team number in front of the name in DC (or cycle through team/all names display), but frankly coloured names make it far quicker to distinguish.

- Possibility to zoom out/in with the M key (on QWERTY keyboards). It helps a lot with some weapons or to plan tactics better.
It might seem cheap when you are used to play and aim only by moving the mouse on the screen, but once you get used to it, it seems quite natural.

- The most important in my opinion. If you choose to activate it in the options, you can play the worm of your choice during your turn.
The game cycles through each of your worm as it normally does. However, once your turn begins, as long as you have not moved, you can press Tab to switch to another of your worms and take control of it.

It really changes the gameplay. Not only does it open more options for you but you also cannot be sure which worm your opponent(s) will play next.
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