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I dont have an ECS machine let alone an IndiECS, but that's very cool Im surprised no-one here at eab didnt comment before me, seeing as you posted it yesterday

Slightly off topic, but still relevant.....

Any idea if SDL software will work using it? I know 98% or so of sdl software will be too slow to run at a usable speed on an ECS machine, but it'd be handy for doing sprite rips using one of the dozens of sdl emulator ports available for a random example.

I have an amithlon box, so I can use said software, but there has been times while using my a1200 that Ive thought itd be handy to make use of some of the sdl software I recompiled for os3.x, even in a not completely functional sort of way. Im sure there's others out there using custom chipset hardware that could also benefit here and there by having extra software available to them.

I have a sneaking suspicion though that sdl itself relies on at least 8bit screens.
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