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Everyone should have Worms on the Amiga :-) It is the definitive version, where it all started.
Aye! IMHO Worms: Director's Cut is the best version across formats for the first installment, probably because it was Team 17's swansong on the Amiga.

Andy Davidson won the Amiga Format competition to make an Amiga game. His effort was originally called Total Wormage if I recall correctly. When it went commercial, it evolved into Worms
Yep it was called Total Wormage and he entered it in an Amiga Format Blitz Basic competition. Strangely, he didn't hear anything back from AF, though, or a bunch of software houses that he sent the game he showed it to Team 17 at the ECTS show as a last ditch effort. They quickly snapped it up and the rest is history.........

Amiga Format (Jan 95) - see the article on pp34-37

Good to see that Andy Davidson's rediscovered his enthusiasm for making games after spending a fair time out of the industry! Just wonder if he'll ever move on to something beyond Worms........
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