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Originally posted by CodyJarrett
There were two versions - CD32 and floppy. The floppy version ran on A500s and A1200s, but needed some more memory.

You could also specify the level of detail when running off hard disk etc. The installer rendered all the graphics straight to hard disk from the single flat images.

It was a pretty decent conversion from CD32 to disk!
Or maybe once again a case of a floppy game being filled up with extras for a "CD extravaganza". I seem to recall a Tony Crowther interview with The One, & think they'd changed from doing the floppy game to the CD32 version in a matter of 3-4months.

Now I think of it I also seem to recall a preview a bit earlier & how he'd developed a 3D editor which they reckoned could've been good enough to be a commercial product ala Deluxe Paint.
My issues are packed away at the moment, can anyone find which issues had these things?
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