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Tutorial scan project?

For quite a while Ive liked the idea of having pdfs (or similar) containing scans of various tutorials from different amiga mags. One pdf to cover an entire tutorial series.
As some of you may have seen me mention I semi recently acquired around 250 amiga magazines, so am now in a position to do this myself.
The question becomes however, is there much of an interest in such a project, and what tutorials?

AMOS seems to have had many, many long running tutorials in quite a few magazines. I dont think it'd be an exaggeration to say there could be 200 pages worth just in my collection of magazines.
Blitz, ASM, and C arent half as prominent, but still pretty heavily featured.
Apart from these I also have tutorials for Octamed, Imagine, Hisoft Basic, Deluxe Paint, and quite a few others.
Personally I like the idea of having these tutorials (and associated cover disks, sourcecode, data files,etc.) available, but it's something that I'd like to share the workload with other people with, both because it's a lot of scanning and because of the damage excessive scanning can do to glue bound magazines.
I think (hope) this could become project worthy for an eab thread, but would be interested in some feedback first.

Thanks in advance
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