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TV Paint, PPaint, Photogenics, ImageFX, Lightwave, Imagine, Cinema4d, Real3d, Aladdin, ADPro
Games: Quake, Quake2, Duke3d, Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Descent FreeSpace, Payback, Napalm, Earth2140
Emulators: PC-Task, FPSE, Shapeshifter, MagiC64, Frodo, Vice, Dosbox, snes9x, Dgen, Visualboy Advance, ScummVM
Video: FroggerNG, FFMpeg/FFPlay, Moovid, Mplayer
Office/Word Proc/DTP: Final Writer, PageStream, Professional Page, Amiga Writer

Honestly there's just too much stuff to mention, Ive barely scratched the surface. Thousands and thousands of good apps that can run on RTG screens (people seem to forget that the very first amiga had rtg, so its been there all along). Some stuff that doesnt directly support RTG can also be mode promoted to run on rtg screens.
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