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Here are a few instructions either side of the 68000 crash:

0002545A 4bf9 00bf e001           LEA.L $00bfe001,A5
00025460 43fa 0106                LEA.L (PC,$0106),A1
00025464 2039 0000 0001           MOVE.L $00000001,D0  <= crash here
0002546A 4eae fffa                JSR.L (A6, -$0006)
0002546E 42b9 0002 554a           CLR.L $0002554a
This code belongs to XbonesCiaTrkLib.obj in the Blitzlibs:Otherlibs drawer and the deflibs file. In an assortment of Blitz stuff there is an archive "CIATrkrLib.lha" with a module called XBciatrackerlib.obj. I deleted XbonesCiaTrkLib.obj first and ran the makedeflibs Blitz program to remove the library. Reset to be sure the changes are reflected in Blitz. Move the XBciatrackerlib.obj to where the first one was and run makedeflibs and reset again. Now Blitz is ready to compile Downfall. In the Zone is an ADF that boots on A500+ A600 A1200 quickstarts and CIATrkrLib.lha. I don't know if one of the libraries is superior to the other. This game looks real polished to me. It's OK with me to take that stuff down from the Zone when finished with it.

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