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Thank you for the update Graham. The new copper colour looks good, thanks for using it .
Shame the game stopped working on a A500. I had a look myself, but no help from me sorry to say . Thought it could have been something to do with what is said in the blitz manual.
Careful attention must be payed regarding entering Blitz mode. version 1.3 and older of the operating system can take up to 2 seconds to flush any buffers after a file is closed. You should always ensure that absolutely no disk or file access is taking place before entering Blitz mode. At the time of this writing, no software method of achieving this has yet been discovered. The best we can suggest is that a VWAIT 100 should always be executed before using Blitz mode.
....but never fixed it.

Sorry *shrugs* from me too.

Anyway, hope you find a fix, the game is looking good so far.

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