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Originally Posted by clenched View Post
Prowler - All three programs work OK here.
Thanks for confirming that, clenched! I'm hoping to try them myself tomorrow.

Originally Posted by clenched View Post
Tip for tough disks - Try feathering the eject button with varying amounts of force but not enough to eject it. This process is akin to the way the clutch would be worked to get a car unstuck from a ditch. This worked on Fusionpaint and WB1.3 disk. Experiment with releasing button at once, gradually easing off, or just maintaining pressure after the bad spot has passed.
I have seen a trick similar to this mentioned in the KryoFlux forums. In that case, it was achieved by carefully pressing the disk deeper into the drive to achieve a slight adjustment to the alignment of bad tracks with the read heads. That method has one limitation, however: it cannot be used when the disk fits very tightly in the drive. See tect's posts in this thread:

Your trick, on the other hand, works by gently pulling the disk from the drive.
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