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WIP11 is here - but with a hitch. For some reason if you try to run the game on an Amiga with a Kickstart older than version 3 you get a visit from the Guru:

On version 3.x it runs fine (although - interestingly - you only get the music on AGA...).

I definitely think it's related to the music player commands somehow but I can't be certain on that. I'll have to check this out and if anybody else knows please let me know!

Back to the game itself though and we have:

One music module by Reynolds - this plays throughout the game but can be switched on and off at any point if you press M.

The highscores have been completely 100% fixed.

A nice new copper background as suggested by DJCruicky.

The entire set of thirty levels is now complete! Thanks Mike

The invisible objects bug has been fixed, at last! (Although the 'items in platforms' bug frustratingly remains. Again, any hints appreciated...) I've also increased the frequency at which the items appear.

And of course Predseda's Remainder Software logo now appears at the start.

Hopefully, bugs permitting (and I seem to have created a pretty big one) the full release will be next weekend.
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