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Re: Nishiran

Postby guylam ยป Fri May 28, 2010 2:32 pm
Hello all. Thanks for your interest in Nishiran.
If I remember the original project was beautiful because of the higher number of color on Amiga. Since I had much trouble with my Amiga and was more attracted by Atari and PC at that time, I just did a very small Amiga demo with original graphics, but that was all on Amiga. Then, I accepted to work on it after the bankruptcy of Legends Software who initiated it upon request of one of its former employees.
To avoid legal troubles with previous team, a friend artist and me, we just kept name and changed graphics (became 16 colors graphics only, and no sound) and story. Quickly we ended the 2 of us with no company willing to publish it. But we finished it for the pleasure to finish a story. I'm quite the RPGist...
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