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Sorry I only taked your numbers (1600x1200) and Pal 62.5Hz. It's true as you explain that it's imposible 1600x1200, but not my fault, as when you exposed it it was looking you could do it in a future:

"those who are already dreaming of 1600x1200), I'd like to repeat that the initial release version of Indivision AGA MK2 will do LESS than the MK1 ..... I will of course continue to work on flash-updates to add screenmodes and output modes.....but it's nothing you can expect within the first weeks after release of the product."

About scart I was asking without indi, I know it has nothing to do with the Indivision.

About the HD video to show the difference. Yes; "probably" (you) and "perhaps" (me) are sinonims. I also think it won't show the differences (although I've seen videos showing using different cables in an Xbox).

"my actual resolution using rgb scart is 1372x544, 50Hz"
"This may be true for other devices, but not for the Amiga, and it has nothing to do with Indivision AGA MK2."
That's what the Amiga tells me it's using in screenmodes (without Indi, yes).

"1600x1200 is not possible. Got it?"

Yes, as I've told you perhaps you didn't use the right words to tell it.

Edit: I just was wondering about the difference using it or not as I already use as I said Pal Super Hi-Res laced in my led Tv. Anyway I've already made the checkout today with Vesalia, just waiting for their answer and payment, so I will see the difference in a month more or less. I beg you pardon and hope I won't have disturb with my noob questions.

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